"Nothing I ever did meant a lot to me until I got out here on the border."-- Britt Craig, Minuteman

The skies above the desert blaze with the setting California sun. Britt, Vietnam Vet, stands silhouetted atop his two-ton '86 Ford Econoline van -- a lookout that doubles as a home for him and his two black cats. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, Britt eats, sleeps and guards the CA-Mexico border from illegal crossings. // watch a clip

"This really has changed my life more than anything, and I've had some big changes in my life."-- Kayla Worden, PETA Activist

In Baltimore, PETA activist Kayla is getting ready for her next "demo". But instead of dressing up, she's dressing down. Really down. In nothing more than a yellow bikini and high heels, she heads to KFC. // watch a clip

"I indeed was a sinner and I repented of my sins."-- Dennis Green, Pro-Life Minister

It's 5:00 AM outside of Richmond, VA, and Dennis starts up his truck, getting ready for the first eight-hour leg of his two-day ministry tour in the "Truth Truck". Some call the images on the truck despicable, but for Dennis, they display a truth everyone must see. // watch a clip

"I said if I die, I want to die in front of the whole world, and I settled there, in front of the gates."-- Concepcion Picciotto, Peace Activist

Steps away from the White House five foot tall Concepcion stands her ground 24 hours a day, seven days a week, educating photo-snapping tourists on the evils of nuclear warfare. Not rain or snow, taunts or torture, will silence her. // watch a clip

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